Friday, June 22, 2012

I forgot to say goodbye

So...I have a new blog. It's actually not all that new anymore--I started it just over a year ago (after months of dormancy on this site and realizing I needed a fresh start), and will soon reach 100 posts.

On the off-off-off-chance that there is someone out there who subscribes to the RSS feed of this blog but has missed my constant promotion of the new one on Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail chat, I figured I'd invite you over to check out the new digs.

If you liked "Amateur Blog at the Apollo," you'll find "Tales of Hofmann" to be pretty similar--the same rambling, stream-of-consciousness style of writing, the same funny links, the same lack of interest in a pleasing blog design.

As before, I use my blog as a way to chronicle interesting events from my life, as a platform to display other writing projects, or just to write random things that I hope will entertain my audience. But I've also added a few recurring features, mainly to help make sure I'm writing regularly.

The first of these is the "Hoffmann of the Month" (spelled that way so it can encompass Hofmans, Hofmanns, Hoffmans and Hoffmanns). As you might expect, I've honored various men and women, but animals also qualify, as do people who don't actually exist.

And then there's my weekly "Blog About Something Only Tangentially Related to the Upcoming Sunday School Lesson," or BASOTRUSSL. Check out this post for arguably my best example of this type of post, as well as the full backstory of why I started writing them.

These posts are usually either an elaborate riff on a non-spiritual aspect of the scripture block (like the one linked to in the above paragraph, or this one), a post that seems to be about something completely random before I make a tenuous connection to that week's lesson right at the end, or something sort of in between those two options. Or, if I can't come up with any fun tangents, my last resort is to write a semi-thoughtful analysis of some of the principles found in the scripture block.

So, yeah...I've just linked to almost one-sixth of the posts on my blog. Maybe I should've asked someone else to pick out the "highlights." But if you are just learning about this blog, you should read all of them. Seriously. Do it. You'll enjoy yourself.

And you'll want to read all the new posts as they go up. The easiest way to do that is to follow the blog by clicking the "Join" button at the top. You can also "like" me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter--I announce the publishing of any new post in both places. Actually, you should do all of those things--it would really boost my ego. Thanks!