Sunday, January 27, 2008

Six degrees (literally) of separation

The blasts from the past keep rolling in. Here's a picture of me with my friend Amy, who came up from Boston for the 3-day Martin Luther King weekend.

Amy and I were FHE buddies from freshman year (1998-99; I can't believe it's been that long). I may have seen her once or twice my first year back from my mission, but I can't remember for sure--this may have been the first time we'd seen each other this millennium! It had definitely been at least six years.

Amy looks as fantastic as ever, but I've made some changes since our last meeting, most notably the extra layer of flab around my face (the three extra layers of belly fat are not pictured). Alas, my spare blubber was not sufficient to keep me warm as we walked the entire length of Central Park (about 65 blocks) in bitterly cold weather. But we had a good time.

I've also recently bumped into Doug Ellis, who ran the HFAC scene shop when I worked for KBYU, and I've since discovered that at least two people in my ward out here also worked in that area at the same time. It's like the HFAC tunnel circa 2003 has been transported to modern-day New York. If Rebecca Cressman or some weird MDT kids show up, I'll really start to freak out.


Kristina said...

You walked all of Central Park? Yikes! Were your feet dying? What's your favorite part of Central Park? I love the Ramble (bramble?)--I always got lost there--and the garden on the east side just 10 blocks or so above the Met is really awesome, but probably not much to look at in Spring. Wow, I'm commenting a lot.
It's just that I miss NY so bad!

jeff said...

K-Town, I'm glad you comment a lot, especially since most of your comments include suggestions on good places to eat.

We actually cut across the north end of the park, then walked all the way down the east side, but on the street rather than in the park because we were constantly ducking into museums to warm up.