Monday, January 11, 2010

Zippity-ay and hidey-ho

My blog turned 2 about a fortnight ago! With a birthday so close to Christmas, it's easy to overlook it. But happy 2nd, ABATA!

I don't think this space will be immune from the terrible twos, if that means my blog will be running around, making noise and getting into all kind of mischief. But the writing and the jokes will be as "good" as ever.

I reluctantly admit that it's grown out of its baby clothes, so I promise to change the picture at least once this year, and to update my blog roll by the beginning of spring. And, if I'm still in Utah when birthday #3 rolls around, there's a good chance I'll change the name too.

Oh, and the best gifts you can give are comments on the posts. That, and anything from Hot Topic. He loves that stuff.

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