Friday, April 23, 2010

Tale of two cities

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I moved out of my parents' house two weeks ago and am finally living independently again. I loved having free room and board and spending a lot of time with my family, but for the last eight months my life kind of felt like it was on pause. So I'm enjoying my transition back to "normal" adult life.

I think most people who read my blog know that I loved living in New York, and were it not for my financial duress I would still be there now. But Utah is also a good place to live, and even beats NYC in a few areas. Just a few that I've noticed in these past two weeks:

--I bought a gallon of milk for $1.66 at WalMart. $1.66! And the expiration date was more than three days past the purchase date.

--My rent payment is less than half of what I paid in New York. And I have my own room, with a bigger closet than the one I shared in Harlem.

--Free laundry, with machines in my own apartment! (I know I technically have to pay for the water and such, but no direct costs.) Doing laundry was probably my least favorite part of living in New York.

--We've finally had a few warm days, and I was reminded how unhumid Utah is.

--There are WAY more people here, in Utah generally and in the singles scene particularly, that are into sports, especially basketball. I might even be able to play my as-yet unused ESPN Scene It game with my new roommates.

Again, let the record show, if an opportunity arose, I would happily return to the East Coast. But Utah is also a very good place to live. And let the record also show that I now have good Internet access, so now the only thing keeping me from blogging more is inertia. So expect more posts soon.

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Larissa said...

Totally voted. For you. I'd be in NYC too if I thought it were practical for me. But...cost of living, you are so right! And my ultimate frisbee games! And local theater I can actually get a lead role in. And my kitty. And a whole 1160 sq. foot place to myself for less than what I'd pay for a spot in a shared room in a decent place in Manhattan. *sigh*

Tiffany said...

Grr, now I want to move back to Utah. Come on, someone has to buy the expired vegetables from C-Town!

Just Julie said...

Jeff, you capture so well my exact thoughts on living in New York and living in Salt Lake City! Way to accentuate the positive.