Thursday, May 8, 2008

I--stopped--in--C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I, Cincinnati...

The best town in O-H-I-O, Ohio, U-S-A!

On my way back from New York, I had a brief layover in "Ohio's Maserati" (if you don't know what I've been talking about so far, you really need to borrow my copy of the best crappy movie ever).

It was long enough for me to get some lunch, and CVG has a pretty good food court. The comedian Ron White has a bit about getting chili after a show in Cincinnati, where he was told the Queen City was "the chili capital of the world," which caused White to accuse the town of not informing Mexico that a contest was going on. Here's a page that is slightly more modest, calling Cincinnati the "Chili Capital of America."

So I went looking for the local specialty, and found Gold Star Chili. It seems their specialty is chili on spaghetti, a combination I would've never conceived of but which I enjoyed (my seat neighbors on the Cincinnati to SLC leg may have felt differently). It doesn't compare to chicken and waffles on the surprisingly good food combo scale, but I'd eat it again.

When I got home, my dad rained on my parade by telling me CVG is actually in Kentucky. But I'm still very proud of Pete Rose, and all of the other fellas--they're the feistiest I've seen! (Seriously, watch the movie.)

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