Friday, May 2, 2008

Mama...mama, I'm comin' home

I hate not being able to blog! I've had a hectic week at work and socially, and spotty Internet service when I get back to my apartment at night, so I haven't been able to write much. I only have time now because I'm waiting for the UPS guy and there's literally nothing else to do.

Said UPS guy will be picking up the last nine boxes of stuff from my office to ship back to Utah. That's right, the work I was sent out here to do is done, which is incredibly exciting, but the corollary to that has me much less enthusiastic--my employer will no longer be paying me to live and love in NYC, so I must return to Utah.

I'm excited to see my family (they have birthday presents for me!), and my friends back home, but I'm definitely sad about leaving New York. It would be great if I could return on a more permanent basis, but I really have no idea what I'll be doing or where this fall and beyond.

But I will keep blogging! I've got lots of stuff about my time in New York that I wanted to write about but never got around to, plus I have an ability (gift? talent? delusion?) to treat mundane, everyday things as important enough to post online for the world to see. So keep reading.


shabba shabba said...

REM did a song called "Leaving New York" that should be your theme song this month. The song was called REM's "worst single ever" by Newsweek, but Newsweek's music critic was clearly just trying to join the crowd of trendy critics lauding REM's new album by bashing their past three albums, all of which were positively magnificent. The moral of this comment? Newsweek's music critics are ugly and smell like burnt popcorn.

Tamara said...

You will be missed. Please keep up the blogging so that we know how you are doing.

Cristi Johnson said...

I'm personally thrilled about the continued blogging situation. It (your blogging ability) is a gift! And don't let anybody tell you otherwise:)

jeff said...

I used to get all my music advice from Newsweek. Now I don't know what to think.

It's nice to know I will be missed, and that people like my blog. Cristi--HAS anyone told me or you otherwise? Who doesn't like my blog? I need names!