Saturday, June 7, 2008

Doctor McSchemey

Getting new glasses was just one part of my master plan to get back to New York City as soon as I can. My plan is basically this: take care of a few necessary things while I have health insurance from my current job, then when it's all taken care of I'll have the flexibility to quit my job and take one in New York as soon as I find one I want. I can even switch to part time if I need to devote more energy to the job search.

My visit to the eye doctor was my first since just after my mission, almost seven years ago. This is in part because I was almost exclusively a contacts wearer for a while (then switched back to glasses; right now it's probably about 60-40 glasses (thank goodness that's not my prescription)) but mostly because my vision hasn't changed.

I was dazzled by the new technology the optometrist was using, but was even more impressed by the guy who helped me choose my glasses. He's an old guy, probably about 60, super nice, super good at his job, and while I tried on glasses he told me stories about people who still buy the old style of glasses, those huge round plastic frames. And he left a funny message when he called to tell me they were ready to be picked up. A quality individual.

The second phase of my plan was less enjoyable but still not too bad. I went to the dentist for the first time in three years, which meant I had quite a lot of plaque or tartar or whatever that had to be scraped off. I don't know if all dentists have followed the airlines' lead and gone no frills or if it was just this one, but as the blood began to flow from my sensitive gums, all they used to clean me up was a single piece of gauze, which was folded over again and again even though after two wipes there was no longer a clean spot on it. When the cleaning was finished, I finally got some water--about a sacrament cup's worth--to rinse. I did get a free toothbrush, though.

My x-rays were clean, but during the examination the dentist found a cavity anyway--the first one I've ever had. I returned the next day to get it filled. I got the Novocaine or lidocaine or whatever it was they used (unfortunately, they didn't give me the option of laughing gas), and everything went fine.

So now my teeth look good and my eyes see good, good enough to go another few years without return visits, hopefully. One more appointment with a cardiologist to check on a potentially serious genetic thing that I have a family history of, and I'll definitely be ready for another extended doc holiday.

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Lady Holiday said...

Wow! You're coming back--that's great! And I love how you're actually planning ahead by going to the dentist, eye doctore, etc. I just ignored all that stuff and moved to NYC anyway, and now I'm just crossing my fingers that nothing major will happen to me before I get health insurance again...