Thursday, June 26, 2008

If you blog it, they will come

I hate that I haven't been making time to blog lately. I've got so much I want to write about, too. I'm like a baseball player in an extended slump.

Just like a bloop, broken-bat single will sometimes get a slugger going again, here's a quick post that will hopefully get me back on the right track again. Here are links to a couple of entertaining articles about the great theater that is a major league baseball crowd.

Those have helped cheer me up from what's been a disappointing season so far, at least as far as my Tigers are concerned. This is a pretty good representation of how things have gone for Detroit in '08 (but they're actually starting to turn things around the last two weeks; there's hope for the wild card yet).


Tamara said...

thank goodness. everyone else's blog is BORING. especially MINE. so please. keep blogging. totally is way more exciting.

come back!!!

angelalois said...

Seattle PI ... allright!

shabba shabba said...

A bloop single and an inside-the-park home run do the same thing to a batting average. That's about as deep as I have the mental capacity to get today.

jeff said...

Ok, Tamara, you convinced me. I'll see ya in early August. And your blog is not boring.

Neither is yours, Angela, and Joey...your blog defies description. In a good way.