Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rock the vote

I made it. I'm one of the finalists for this contest. The article says there will be 16 bloggers brawling for the title, but they've actually expanded it to 32.

The tourney gets under way Wednesday, but my first round match up doesn't start until March 12, a week from Friday. (I'll send out a reminder next week.) At that point, voting will be open for three days, so I'll need your help to advance.

I know the name of the person I'll be competing against, and I'm pretty sure I found her blog. I won't link to it, because I could be wrong, and because I have nothing against her, and I don't want you leaving harassing comments on her poorly spellchecked posts (you know you would).

She's only 20 years old, which means she likely has better access to the demographic that votes for American Idol and in online polls and such. So we need to get the word out--hence the early heads up. Keep checking this space for updates.

(Oh, and I'm aware that I'll be having a birthday before this 20-something contest ends--but I had already planned with just matching my new age up with the year. Twenty-ten is the number that comes after twenty-nine, right?)


Juliekins said...

Good job, Jeffy! I'll vote for you!

Kimpossible said...

Hey! Congratulations! Are you going head to head against Don Osmond?

angelalois said...

Yay! Congrats! I'm so excited, you'll be famous! And I find it hilarious (and also insightful) that you referred to her poorly spellchecked posts. There are some blogs I've stopped reading because I just can't handle the (ridiculously embarrassing) typos.

Supermar said...