Monday, February 4, 2008

Have I been blogging long enough to run a clip show?

My Internet connection has been shaky the last several days, but it appears to be back at full strength now. So now I've got a lot of online stuff to catch up on (YouTube videos, mainly).

But I don't want to leave you postless for too long. Here's a few of my better ones from the blog on the old LOL site:

--Some thoughts on Halloween, complete with some fantastic pictures
--The good and bad of reunions
--A recap of my best joke ever in an improv show

By the way...I bombed on the Jeopardy! audition. I got the right questions on answers about Barry Bonds and Sean Penn, but that was about it. If only every category had been "World's Most Unpleasant People," I probably would've done great. Did anyone else take it?


shabba shabba said...

Did you know yesterday was Mark's birthday? Now he's old.

Did you know yesterday was my half birthday? Now I'm something and a half.

BTW, Shannon read some of your posts, and she laughed. I think she liked the one about the burrito, but I'm not sure if it's because it was well-written or because it was about Mexican food, which Shannon desperately misses. Maybe both.

natalie said...

Jeff you never fail to make me laugh. I now have to eat at Jesus' tacos. I loved the Colbert Report and the clip of "mitt romney" When are you leaving NYC? I really think we might be moving there. I know you will be gone by summer, but we have to come and visit to check things out.

jeff said...

Double shabba, I would never dare underestimate Shannon's longing for Mexican food, but that post about the burritos was probably my finest work (see Natalie's endorsement above).

After narrowly escaping being replaced out here (a topic worthy of an entire blog post, if I get around to it), it looks like I could very well be here when my Apollo performance comes around in April, maybe even longer, but it's still hard to say for sure at this point.