Sunday, July 13, 2008

See you in the funny papers

If you're curious about the origin of that old-timey expression, here's a good resource.

I got a lot of comments on my previous, comic-filled post, and I wish to make it clear that I wasn't seeking pity or feeling sorry for myself or anything. I just wanted to preserve the humor in those cartoons before they got too yellow and faded--which is also the purpose of this post.

As of last Thursday, I am now unemployed, in preparation for my return to New York in a few weeks (I'm hoping to rejoin the workforce as soon as possible after I get there, but I don't have a job yet). On my last day, I cleaned up my work area and packed my personal effects, which included the only comic I have ever used as a decoration other than those pictured in last week's post. I got it from a coworker's Dilbert calendar back when I worked for Marie Osmond, and kept it all through the three-plus years I spent at Backstage Library Works, the longest I've ever been at one job. Here it is:

Isn't it great? It still makes me laugh, nearly four years after I first saw it. I'm hoping whatever job I end up with doesn't leave me feeling like Dilbert.

I actually don't read the funnies that often, especially since the greats like Far Side and Calvin were retired. I used to like Fox Trot and Sherman's Lagoon back in high school.

However, my best piece of "investigative journalism" from my days as a reporter for the BYU paper involved comic strips. When The Daily Universe stopped running Rubes, a Far Side-esque single panel strip, I stopped at nothing to find out why. (Holy crap! In searching for that article, I found out that I'm now a Wikipedia reference! How cool is that?) The only other piece I wrote that could've been considered investigative was when I reported on the practice of BYU students making Las Vegas gambling junkets--and I only wrote that because I hoped it would inspire some passionate letters to the editor. As everyone knows, the DU editorial page is much funnier than any comic.

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angelalois said...

IT IS SO COOL YOU ARE A WIKIPEDIA SOURCE. WOW!!! Guess that Comms 313 wasn't a total waste of energy. Nice work.

sorry for the commenting delay, i'm finally getting caught up on my blogs in Google Reader. BTW, 14 people subscribe to your blog -- that's a high number!