Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend at Burn-ies

My parents and youngest sister recently made their annual road trip to Missouri to visit my Grandpa. Along the way, they stopped at a hotel with this phone number.

My sister took the picture on her phone, which explains the blurriness (or maybe Chelsea was just running really fast at the time). I don't think they were at this hotel, but that would've been cool.

A random note about my mom: she's a very talented person, but she has one skill that I only recently found out about. My mom kicks butt at those store-front claw games. She wins about half of the times she plays, and she's always bringing home plush toys for her kids, grandkids, and the neighbors' kids (thanks for the California Raisin, Mom). She's pretty awesome...although it would be even more awesome if she claimed they were her awards from army (relevant clips are about six, nine, and 19 minutes in, but the whole episode is fantastic, if a little PG-13).


Tamara said...

were you staying at the Bates Motel...?

Anonymous said...

When did women start going on missions?
It used to be only men. What happened?

jeff said...

According to this article,
single women were first called on LDS missions in 1898. So it's been happening for a long time.

Kristina said...

The seal is for marksmanship.