Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'd do anything for Mark McGrath

Last week I was wandering around Midtown with my friends Martha and Ashlee. As we passed Bryant Park, a man asked me if I wanted to be on TV. I said yes, and he handed me a copy of the National Enquirer opened to an article about the alleged love child of John Edwards and a picture of Edwards as a child, pointed his camera and microphone at me, and asked me if I saw a resemblance. (Millions of people in New York City, and this guy was fortunate enough to find one of the few experts in the field of "who looks like who.") Here was the result:

Yes, it was Extra where I finally made my syndicated news magazine debut, although based on the subject matter I'm surprised it wasn't A Current Affair (zing!). I didn't actually see my TV appearance, so much thanks go out to my sister Lori for taking pictures of her TV and e-mailing them to me.

Lori told me that the anchor said they were taking the Edwards story to the streets to see what people thought about it, and that they were "starting with the harshest critics of all--New Yorkers!" That's me, all right. I'm nothing if not harsh.

Lori said they showed several people (including yours truly) holding up the magazine, but only included sound bites from two people. Which means America was deprived of hearing my joke about Kenneth from 30 Rock being Edwards's love child from his college years. (I've watched every episode of that show in the last few weeks, one of several things I've devoted more time to than looking for a job. It's a fantastic show--check it out if you haven't already.)

As we walked away from the cameraman, someone said, "only in New York," but as I've thought about it that's probably not true. I bet you could just as easily stumble into a TV or movie shoot in Los Angeles, Orlando or even Vancouver.


Tamara said...

so.... did you notice the resemblance? waiting with baited breath to hear your critique.

angelalois said...

so did mark mcg interview you?? i love sugar ray! i'd do anything too... i wonder if we can find it on youtube?

Lady Holiday said...

I stumbled onto a yogurt tasting survey in Boston one time. Does that count?

CJ said...

That's sheer gold. You find a way to be in the right place at the right time, bro.

jeff said...

The Edwards picture was black and white, and the baby is pretty young, so it was hard to compare...I said there was a resemblance.

They also asked me if I thought it would affect his political career, and I said no--not that it shouldn't, but because it seems like politicians can do anything and get away with it, as long as they don't panic and immediately resign like Spitzer or McGreevey.

Coincidentally, right after my interview I got some really good yogurt. I'd much rather be on TV for something like that.