Friday, March 28, 2008

Another holiday bed

Once I started my blog, I stopped taking detailed notes of stuff I wanted to blog about, which presents a problem when I'm writing about something that happened a while ago, but not so long ago that I have a rough draft of sorts.

Case in point: Chinese New Year. This is my kind of holiday--it officially last two weeks. I attended two Chinese New Year's parties, but as I hinted at above, I don't recall many specific details.

There was a party at the Lincoln Square chapel hosted by the Chinese branch, and it was very well done. Excellent food, booths where you could learn how to use chopsticks or write your name in Chinese, and a program featuring songs, skits, trivia contests for the kids, and a lion dance, which was introduced by a man clearly of Chinese ancestry but possessing a strong Brooklyn accent. I found that very amusing.

I was also eVited (I told you, I've been getting tons of those things) to a party hosted by Amy and Becca. These ladies go all out when it comes to parties; check out the plan for their combined birthday bash I'll be attending tomorrow night.

Again, the food was great and plentiful, and I got to pretend I can use chopsticks until I could no longer use them as a shovel, then I had to get a spoon to finish my rice. But I had a good time.

So we're now in the Year of the Rat. I thought that was why I saw them all the time in subway stations and various locales throughout the city, but I've been told they're there all the time. Yuck.

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