Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have a dream...of a short blog post

Next up in the queue of holiday-season flashbacks is Martin Luther King Day. As I've previously described, I met up with my friend Amy for the first time in either six or eight years, I'm not sure which. We had a great time walking the length of Central Park, occasionally ducking into museum lobbies to get a brief respite from the bitter cold.

I ended up going in to work for a couple of hours, because I temporarily forgot that, as Chris Rock has said (fifth video down here), all you have to do to celebrate MLK Day "is not work." (I mention Rock on my blog a lot, don't I?)

I hosted FHE at my apartment that night. We had about a dozen people show up, which meant I had to run up and down the stairs over and over (my buzzer opens just one of the two outer doors). In case you forgot, that's 48 steps each way. I should've had them use the fire escape, like my friend David did while staying with me last week (a good story worth blogging about; I'll probably get around to it in June, at this rate).

And that's all I did. I guess some dreams come true.


Tamara said...

We are hosting FHE at our place tonight, I am very glad that our buzzer works but I could use the exercise.

jeff said...

Tamara, I'll trade you apartments straight up if you want.