Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Super Blog XXXV

Groundhog Day doubled as Super Bowl Sunday Eve. I don't have a TV out here, which overall has been good for me, and most shows I can see online a day or two after they air, but the Super Bowl was live or nothing. At least this year there was no crisis of conscience--no CES Fireside conflicting with the big game.

On the train on the way home from church, I cleverly (but certainly not subtly) got myself invited to a Super Bowl party. It was in an apartment at the building affectionately dubbed "Harleman Halls" because there are at least six apartments in it with one or more of my ward members living there (plus, the size of a typical NYC apartment could easily remind someone of a BYU dorm room). I knew less than half of the people there (although now I know a lot more of them), but that made it easier to focus on the game and the commercials (both much more entertaining than they've been the last few years).

The only thing that put even a slight damper on an otherwise enjoyable party was not having a rooting interest in the game. I didn't care who won, although by the end I was sort of cheering for the Pats, because the room was filled with new Giants fans (not sure if it's because they're good all of a sudden, or if they've adopted them since moving to New York, but none were long-time fans) except one guy who wanted New England.

My favorite part(s) of the night: impressing a whole new group of people with my witty jokes and observations. I've done improv and a very little bit of stand-up, but I'm really in my element as a reactionary comic. I'm quick-witted, clever, and have great timing, plus I'm really humble. If I could get a job as a talk-show host, I think that would be the ideal way to showcase my comedic talents.

Anyway, I was be-bopping and scatting, making great jokes about Tom Petty's halftime performance here, the commercials there, even joking about potential uses for the made-but-can-never-be-sold Patriots "Super Bowl Champs" merchandise. I was on fire! At least, that's how I remember it...

Seahawks all the way in '09!

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Kristina said...

We thought about living outside of NY but Kurt working on Manhattan but it's like some of our friends in the Morningside Heights ward said about living in Jersey and commuting: "You get all of the hassle of living in the city (high rent, a worse commute, etc) but none of the benefits."
We're stuck with Denver (which we're glad about), but we decided if we were going to make the sacrifices to live in NY then we were going to live IN NY, on Manhattan. One day, we hope too :)

Btw, have you made it out to a Jackson Hole yet?