Sunday, May 17, 2009

The bandwagon is getting crowded

After Saturday night's adult session of stake conference (apparently I'm the only one who thinks calling it the "adult session" makes it sound a little dirty), I found myself at a table at Shake Shack with one friend and two friends of friends. As we were getting acquainted, we had the following humorous exchange:

New friend: What do you do?

Me: Whatever I want, because I'm unemployed.

New friend: Just like half of America.

Me: Yeah, but I was doing it before it was trendy.

It's funny (and sad) because it's true.


Larissa said...

ooo....Shake Shack makes everything better - even unemployment. Mmmmm.

shabba shabba said...

Are you getting unemployment checks? Is that too personal a question? If not, you should. You can make good money for a year on unemployment. I always think it's funny how conservatives are against unemployment payouts, unless it's for them. I can bag on conservatives because I kind of am one, though, as a hippie psuedo-conservative, I am part of a diminishing breed.