Thursday, May 14, 2009

A picture is worth 1000 calories

[Yesterday I checked out this chip shop in Brooklyn, the first place I've found outside of Scotland that offers battered, deep-fried pizza. Unlike what you see below, they sell fried pizza by the slice. And it was awesome. So awesome that I was inspired to bring out the latest installment in my occasional series in which I recycle posts from other blogs. I originally posted this under the same title on the old Laugh Out Loud blog on September 20, 2006.]

Right now you're looking at a little bit of heaven: a battered, fried pizza and a Mars bar prepared the same way. I added the can of Irn Bru to give the photo a more authentic look; I actually don't care for that particular beverage, but it's as popular as Coke in the United Kingdom.

Last month the company I work for sent me on an all-expenses paid vacation, er, business trip to Scotland for two weeks. I spent two years in Scotland as a missionary and loved my time there, and have been wanting to go back pretty much ever since I got home 5 years ago, so getting this work assignment made me pretty excited.

Knowing that the work I had to do and the place I had to do it in would keep me from doing much sightseeing or from visiting old friends, this fried bounty was one of the things I most looked forward to about my trip. Biting into a battered Mars or Snickers bar is euphoric. I can feel my teeth rotting as I suck it down, but I don't care. If you have a good batter recipe and a deep fryer, I highly recommend trying to make your own (try a battered Cadbury Cream Egg--now that's good eatin'). It probably won't be quite as good as the authentic one pictured above, but it's better than eating a boring old candy bar. The Creamery on Ninth used to have a fried candy bar sundae (maybe they've brought it back, I haven't been there much the last few years) which is pretty good too.

By the way...I gained about 30 pounds on my mission and my belly has continued to balloon since then. Anyone surprised?

So...the question might be asked, why write about this now, when I've been back from my trip for almost a month? And what does this have to do with Laugh Out Loud? Here are a few reasons:

1) I'm a procrastinator.
2) I used my brother's camera on my trip, and didn't have time to download the pictures after. He just sent me a CD with the pictures I took on them (thanks, Der-dude).
3) It has nothing to do with Laugh Out Loud, but I have nothing to write about LOL this week.
4) There's very little proof that more than two or three people actually look at this blog, so unless I hear objections I'm just going to write about whatever I want. And today I wanted to write about junk food.

So there.


Teri said...

I hated Irn Bru. That was the nastiest stuff! Did Scotland have a ginger drink? I don't remember what it was called, but that stuff burned your throat as it went down. That was even better than Irn Bru.

Supermar said...

Did I tell you that I'm going to Scotland at the end of July? Rachel and I are going to Ireland and Scotland and meeting up with Teri in England.
Any recommendations on what to do there or where to stay? We're taking the fairy from Ireland over to Scotland and will be in Scotland for 3 nights.
email me!

Jendar said...

ive heard about this place at the food network. im kind of hesitant to go. i mean, fried food doesnt sound like the healthiest choice. maybe someday ill go. maybe.

Jill said...

Looking at that hurts my intestines a little.

jeff said...

I had a ginger beer with my recent fried pizza. Is that what you mean? And what the heck is that dandelion and burdock drink? Weird.

I will e-mail you Marlene, but remember I was never there as a tourist, so my suggestions may not be too great.

Fried food is definitely not healthy, and you feel it eating this stuff more so than you do with a typical burger or chicken wing or whatever. But to me it's worth it.